100hrs Rehabilitation Yoga Training Course

100hrs Rehabilitation Yoga Training Course

Injury and Chronic Pain can affect us all at anytime, and it can be debilitating, especially if we have gone through the normal doctor, physiotherapy, consultant root and are still left with the pain. My goal and vision, through my training, reserach and own personal experience, is to help people regain their trust and ability to give the body what it actually needs to self heal. Our bodies are speaking to us all the time, trying to tell us what they need, in a our Rehabilitation Yoga Teacher Training Course we help our students develop the tools to start listening to those needs and take those tools to heal their injuries, post operation or chronic pain.

The body actually demands very little from us…a healthy diet, hydration, sleep, movement and mindfulness. In the practice of Whole Body Awareness Yoga (WBAY)  we start to honor those requirements. If we need rest we stop and breathe, if we feel hungry we eat food that nourishes and if we are thirsty we hydrate with pure filtered water. When we feel tension we move, stretch and strengthen. Once you start respecting and honoring your amazing bodies, the results are uplifting. You reduce inflammation, your sleep improves, you have more energy and your thoughts and positivity become clearer.

Our 100hrs  Certified Rehabilitation Yoga Teacher Training Course is designed for Yoga Teachers and Physical Thrapists to take their teaching to the next level.

This professional development course is designed to build and strengthen your teaching skills to enable you to work with people on a much deeper level. Students that really need your help to bring vitality, flexibility and strength back into their lives.

Trained in both Yinyasa Flow Yoga and Yin Yoga, I soon realised that my practice and my teaching must honor both principles, the Yin and the Yang, the masculine and the feminine energies….because we are both. If we practice too much Yang style yoga we never reach the deep connective tissues, deep where we hold chronic tension, pain and trauma. But if we solely practice Yin style yoga then we loose our masculine energy, strength and motivation.  So I developed the Somatic Whole Body Awareness Yoga (WBAY) system to respect and work with both our energies and creating a strengthening and releasing practice that leaves you feeling both energised and freer in your physical, mental and emotional bodies, whilst also listening to the needs of your spiritual practice.

As the published Author of Breaking the Attraction of Pain, my research gave me a greater understanding of how the mind reacts to chronic pain and how this is reflected in our bodies. We can quite literally trap our pain deep in our tissues, resulting in years of long term chronic pain. Our students need us to be trained in understanding how chronic pain develops and how we can learn to release even long term deep rooted pain with these techniques and postures.

Who is this 100hrs Yoga a Medicine Course For?

This course is designed for Yoga Teachers, Fitness Professionals or Pilates Teachers that have already completed a recognised Teacher Training Course, and want to develop and deepen their skills, to enable them to offer  Healing Somatic based Yin and Yang classes, retreats or workshops.

What you will learn.

  • This course will give you a strong foundation in Healing Somatic Yoga, based on Yin and Yang Yoga Postures.
  • Understand how chronic pain and trauma gets trapped in the body.
  • Understand how mind body connection works when working with students who have disease or chronic pain.
  • Learn how Healing Somatic Yoga Postures release tension and stress in the deep layers of the bodies tissue and how we can help our students release this, by understanding the energetic and emotional aspect of the body.
  • Understanding how each and every emotion, thought and opinion is directly linked to each physical cell in the body, and how this greatly affects our ability to heal.
  • Learn that through Pranayama you can connect deeper to the Parasympathetic Nervous System, resulting in a wide range of health benefits.
  • Learn how to teach our students to concentrate and bring that concentration into the practice.
  • Learn how to offer your students a deeper more complete style of yoga which complements and balances other practices.
  • Learn how to offer yoga classes, workshops and retreats to help everyone, not just those students who are injury free.
  • Have the confidence to create safe, supportive healing somatic yoga classes for all students levels. Students with chronic pain will benefit greatly from your training.

No longer be afraid when someone walks into your class with a bad back…..these students need us to be trained and confident to help them work within their restrictions. Remember Yoga is for everyone.