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Education needs inspiration, not just information. Only inspired human beings can transform their own lives and the lives around them: Sadhguru

Our World Yoga Alliance registered Yoga Teacher Training in France

200 Hours Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training: Is an unique One to One Mentoring experience, that will take you far deeper than the average 200 hours yoga teacher training.  It is our flagship teacher training course and has 5 star reviews.

It is 200 hours of comprehensive and individually focused yoga training, that is both online through live virtual training, online module platform, videos and comprehensive individual mentoring support, and a 7 day intensive immersion retreat where we bring all these amazing yoga practices into your teaching.

It consists of 15 in depth modules, a separate Anatomy and Physiology Certificate, required reading of 7 different yoga texts, and relevant assignments, 7 night intensive immersion retreat in the South West of France, and pre and post Yoga Retreat mentoring, to give you the support to truly live your yoga, and develop a sustainable practice, both as a yogi or yogini and a authentic yoga teacher.

Who is this Yoga Teacher Training for?

This Online and Immersion Yoga Teacher Training in France is the prefect option if you need flexibility of study dates, because I offer this option throughout the year. It is also excellent for students that thrive on a one to one basis and enjoy the deeper personal contact. It enables me to work much closer with the student and their individual strengths and weaknesses. It is also for students who want to really live their yoga practice, and dive deep into the teachings.

I try to ensure that there are two students per immersion retreat, to create a yoga study buddy, to practice with, and bounce ideas off each other. Each student has their own en suite bedroom to ensure quiet time.

All of the modules must be satisfactorily completed before the certification is given, but there is more freedom to work at a slower pace if required, and the option of a 12 monthly payment plan at no extra charge.

Where is this Mentoring Yoga Teacher Training Held?

The one to one contact is both face to face and online. The face to face retreat program is held in South West France near Ruffec in the Charente, France. Here you will have your own private en suite room, in a beautiful rural gite, where you have a quiet space to study, prepare and practice.

The online yoga modules can be started at any time, to suit your life commitments. The face to face intensive yoga retreats are held in France, and are available throughout the year, subject to availability.

300 Hours Healing Yoga Teacher Training. If you want to go even deeper into the healing practice of yoga, we also offer a 300hrs Healing Yoga Teacher Training. This option is also a one to one mentoring experience, but focuses deeper into the how the spiritual teachings of yoga, offers us the opportunity to connect completely with our true Nature. Finding that Universal Light within us, and connecting on all levels, physically, emotionally and energetically.

It consists of 20 in depth modules, a separate 300 hours level Anatomy and Physiology Certificate, required reading of 10 different yoga texts, and relevant assignments, 10 night intensive immersion retreat in the South West of France, and pre and post Yoga Retreat mentoring, to give you the support to truly live your yoga, and develop a sustainable practice, both as a yogi or yogini and a authentic yoga teacher. Learn More

Online and Retreat Yoga Teacher Training France
Online and Retreat Yoga Teacher Training in France
Online and Retreat Yoga Teacher Training France

We also offer airport collection from either Poitier or Limoges Airport as part of this package, to make the experience as stress free and relaxing as possible.

Our Online and Retreats Yoga Teacher Training in France, offers you time to sit back, look at your life, reflect, strategize the trajectory of what we want our life to be, and above all, realize the fragile nature of our existence. Once we fully appreciate this, then we know we are practicing Yoga.

Yoga teacher training in France
Yoga Teacher Training France with La Pause Yoga
Tangy Houmous Herby Salad with Gourmet Yogi

The module requirements are the same, as option one, but is more suitable for students that enjoy the 'retreat' lifestyle, and have less individual requirements. This YTT is intensive but also fun, with the opportunity to spend time with like minded yogis, supporting each other to fulfill their chosen yogic life journey.

What you will study

Comprehensive Anatomy and Physiology:

A full and comprehensive course covering everything from connective tissue and muscular system to the anatomy of energetics with the breath and bandha, and how to bring this knowledge into your teaching. This in depth module will set you apart from many Yoga Teachers as we bring this knowledge out of the Anatomy book into your teaching. We also cover the vitally important concept of the students individual skeletal differences, understanding when they are feeling tension and when they are feeling compression, and how we can adapt the posture to suit their individual bodies. We also cover how to work with people with chronic pain using my experience and research from my book 'Breaking the Attention of Pain'.


The History and Philosophy of Yoga and The Role of the Yoga Teacher in the West:

Here we cover the theories behind the roots of Yoga and  Patanjali, how Yoga come to the West and what brings people to Yoga. We also look at  the concept of working spiritually as part of a cooperative group and our ego driving modern society. We also discuss the impact of the Yoga Sutras on Yoga and its development and the connection with Yoga and religion. We will also look at the individual demands of teaching yoga in the West, such as the physical stresses on the body from a predominantly sedentary society due to hours spent seated. And we also cover the evolution of the different styles of yoga, and the impact on our practice.

The Eightfold path and the Yamas and Niyamas

In this section we start looking deeper at what the true meaning of Yoga is and the 'Journey' of Yoga. We look at our individual relationship with the practice of Yoga and how that has developed and how it can develop. We discover that the art of yoga is to re-connect the mind body and spirit, and learn how to teach this to our students, and how we show this in our practice. We dive into the concept of Enlightenment and the journey towards this.

The Art of Vinyasa Sequencing and Yin and Restorative Practices:

Throughout this intensive course we look in great detail at the art of sequencing and how we target postures, themes or energy through the sequence. We learn how to create vibrant sequences that seamlessly flow from posture to posture.  On our yoga retreat immersion students start teaching from day one,  fine tuning their teaching skills, building their confidence and skills in a safe supportive environment. Throughout this process you are given a lot of support, feedback and encouragement to give you the tools to become a committed and authentic teacher, finding your own individual voice. We also look at the role of Yin Yoga postures, and how they differ from Restorative Yoga in a class environment.

Dynamic Yoga

Alignment, Adjustments and Working with Chronic Pain

Safe alignment is vital for the well being of our students, so we look in detail at each individual asana and how we can adjust the asana for different levels of student. Looking at contra indications to create safe teaching practices. The reality of teaching yoga is that the majority of your students will have some degree of past or present  injury history. Therefore part of your training is designated to helping you understand how injuries leading to chronic pain develops and how you can help your students both physically and mentally to deal with their chronic pain whilst still enjoying the benefits of Yoga.  It is estimated that up to 80 percent of the population will at some stage in their lives suffer from some form of chronic pain. These students need your help to bring back strength and flexibility. As the author of Breaking the Attachment to Pain, I will help you feel confident to deal with all students levels. We also look in detail at the importance of props in our practice. And how and when to safely use hands on adjustments.

La Pause Yoga Teacher Training France

Breath work: Pranayama

Our breath is the corner of health and energy, without correct breathing we become sick and lacking in energy. Correct breathing in yoga is vital to enable the student to really connect with the healing practice of yoga. Here we cover different types of Pranayama that are suitable to include in a class setting. The science behind the practice and the benefits of developing breath awareness and control. We also give you the tools and confidence to teach it to your students.

Meditation and Concentration

Here we learn how to teach people to concentrate and then bring that concentration into the various types of meditation. You will learn how to teach meditation as part of a class or as separate workshops. We practice meditation daily to also develop our own practice and fully understand the science and benefits behind the role of regular meditation.

meditation auvergne

Pregnancy and Contra Indications:

Yoga is for everyone, and illness, chronic pain and pregnancy should not exclude people from gaining the enormous benefits from the practice. Many 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training courses do not cover this area and therefore leave new Yoga Teacher Teachers unprepared for the vastness of students demands and levels. As an experienced and qualified Yoga Elder and  Author of Breaking the Attachment to Pain I am passionate about this subject, and have spent many years helping people feel confident in the healing practices of Yoga. This module will give you the skills to create a safe yoga teaching environment for all levels of students.

La Pause Yoga France

Psychology of Teaching and Learning Types.

Here we look at the role of the teacher and how to work with the often complex demands of the student. We learn about the psychology of growth and fixed mindsets and how that impacts our students ability to respond to the teachings and grow in their practice. We also consider how different students learn in different ways, and how we can help students really understand the teachings that we offer them.


The Power of Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a state in which the body is completely relaxed, and the student becomes systematically and increasingly aware of the inner world by following a set of verbal instructions. This state of consciousness is different from meditation, in which concentration on a single focus is required.

We look at the benefits and uses of yoga nidra in a class setting. We learn the set sequence and how we can adapt it to fit the theme and length of your class.

The sacred moment of Shavasana

Power of Mudras and Mantra:

In the 300 hours healing yoga teacher training we dive into the power of Mudras and Mantra in our personal practice, and learn how to bring these into a class setting.

Professional Development and Marketing:

The structure of this final module will depend on the goals of the student and therefore tailored to them. As a qualified business coach, I continue the mentoring process for 6 months after the immersion retreat to help the individual student take their personal and business yoga practice forward, to create the yogic life they desire.


This is intensive yoga teacher training course in France, which is not suitable for beginners. You are required to have at least 2 years yoga experience, and a regular home practice.

Please also note that this course is both theory and practical based, with assignment, video, teaching and discussion work. This course is not suitable for students who are solely interested in developing their asana practice. There is a much deeper level of study that is required.


The aim of my Yoga Teacher Training's, is not just for you to complete your 200 or 300 hours Yoga Teacher Training, or attend an asana based retreat,  but to feel inspired, nourished and passionate about Yoga, health and teaching. For each intensive retreat on the yoga teacher training, I chose venues, that offer you the ideal environment to achieve just that.

Yoga and Hiking in Spain with La Pause Yoga


Option 1: You can start this training at anytime. Start studying the required reading, build your physical practice and receive your logon details to start the comprehensive online modules, where you will receive one to one support. The intensive immersion yoga retreat,  is held throughout the year, subject to availability. If you have specific dates, then please contact me to discuss the potential availability and arrival dates that suit potential flight times.

Option 2: You can also start this training at anytime by beginning studying the required reading, build your physical practice and receive your logon details to start the anatomy and physiology virtual online modules. The minute you enroll we start the mentoring training, and you will be guided, supported and taught on a completely one to one basis.


Option 1: All inclusive is 3584 euros

Not included are your travel expenses, insurances and books from the required reading list.

Option 2: All inclusive is 4874 euros

Not included are your travel expenses (including airport collection) insurances and books from the required reading list.

Payment Plans are available to help budget your training. Please contact me directly to discuss a suitable option for you.


The nearest airports are Poitier and Limoges International Airport. Private collection is available for an additional fee, however collection from Ruffec train station is free.

Required Reading List:

This will be sent to you on booking.