Centuries ago, Hippocrates (the ancient Greek physician), was famous for stating that, "all disease begins in the gut". It really is a 'truest truth' that has been sadly forgotten in today's medical world. So what does this actually mean?

It means that if you're suffering from any kind of discomfortimbalance or disease, the first thing to consider is your internal health.

It starts with cleaning up your diet to help ensure that your alimentary canal (digestive system) is consistently clear.

At Least 70% of Your Immune System is in Your Digestive System!

At Least 80% of Your Serotonin Levels are produced in Your Digestive System!

So we can spend years practicing yoga and meditation, but if we do not give the same attention to our inner health, then we will not gain the physical, emotional and hormonal benefits from our practice. Your mind and body are simply not separate.

We’ve only recently begun to understand the extent of the gut flora’s role in human health and disease. Among other things, the gut flora promotes normal gastrointestinal function, provides protection from infection, and  regulates metabolism . Dysregulated gut flora has been linked to diseases ranging from autism and depression to autoimmune conditions like Hashimoto’s, inflammatory bowel disease and type 1 diabetes.

When it comes to maintaining your gut microbiome at its healthiest level, nothing is more important than what you eat and drink.

The internal environment of your gut is dictated by what you put in your mouth — so the foods you choose to eat are a crucial component of maintaining gut health. The good news is, even a lifetime of bad eating is fixable.

The gut is composed of a whole host of microbes that affect your physiology and keep your body and brain functioning as they should. So this is the place to start when trying to reduce your bodies physical reactions to stress and inflammation. It is taking your spiritual and mental yoga practice off the mat.

As studies tell us, these gut microbes affect the way you store fat, how you balance levels of glucose in your blood, and how you respond to hormones that make you feel hungry or satiated.

The wrong internal mix can set the stage for obesity, inflammation leading to chronic pain and disease later in life.

Scientists have also found that gut bacteria produce neurotransmitters that regulate your mood including serotonin, dopamine, and GABA.

Researchers have also discovered that a nervous system in your gut (known as the “second brain”) communicates with the brain in your head. It also plays a role in certain diseases and in mental health. Affecting stress and our reaction to stress.

In other words, the wellness of both your body and your brain depend on your gut health. We can simply roll out our yoga mat and move ourselves into health. 

So if we turn to yoga to help a chronic inflammation, injuries, high levels of stress, problems with letting go, sleeping, relaxing etc....then how can we ignore the role of the gut? The role and quality of the foods that we consume each day, the role and quality of the drinks we consume, and the role and quality of the supplements we buy....all have an affect on are performance on the mat, and our present and future health. The physical practice of Yoga has huge benefits, but coupled with conscious awareness of the foods we consume will result in amazing health and energy giving benefits.

But where do we start? How can we go from sluggish to vibrant, from tired and fatigued to energized and healthy?

Let us guide you....at Gourmet Yogi we have created a collection of Nourishing Informative and Energizing Yoga Retreats to:

  • Help you remove all food toxins and heavy metals  from your diet. Toxins surround us in the air we breathe, tap water and food supply. Billions of tons of toxins are in the environment we live in. The toxins that accumulate particularly in the liver and spleen, naturally occur as a result of living: the normal metabolic toxins accumulated by our own innate detoxification systems. Detoxification extends life, improves health, and decreases the possibility of developing an age-related chronic condition. It is more important than nutrition. Today’s conventional food is toxic and doesn’t really provide us nutrition. We can survive on it for a
    while because the body is great at homeostasis, until it tends to catch up in the 40’s and 50’s. 
  • Help you create new eating pathways with plenty of fermentable fibres (starches like sweet potato, yam, yucca, etc.) The modern western diet that we have evolved into consuming is not a healthy natural way to eat as it is so overly processed that the digestive system suffers from the consequences.  Digestive problems are becoming common. In addition, many modern day foods have extended shelf lives, preserved in unhealthy ways and severely lacking in fibre.
  • Inform you on the huge healing and detoxifying correct use of Activated Charcoal in our diet. Charcoal and activated charcoal are not absorbed into the body, but remain in the digestive system. They consist of highly charged negative ions that pull out the positively charged toxins. The quality of pulling toxins to itself gives it an “adsorption” quality. It can pull towards it plastics, heavy metals, petroleum by-product, and hormone metabolites to its surface before elimination.
  • Guide you and educate into the benefits of a plant based diet, giving you educational cooking classes and recipes. Nutrients are sensitive to extreme temperatures. Many nutrients will begin or even completely break down when frozen or cooked beyond a certain temperature. Spirulina, probiotics, olive oil, and hemp seeds are just some examples of foods that should only be eating raw (not cooked). However, some nutrients need heat in order to be extracted.
  • Inform you of the research behind the benefits of juicing, detoxing and interval fasting. Giving you the tools to safely follow the protocol. You will learn in-depth information about how to go about doing a one-month detoxification protocol and what you can expect during it on a physical, mental and emotional level. You will also learn the recommended steps to doing a liver flush, parasite cleanse, kidney cleanse, colon cleanse, in order to deeply detoxify your entire body. As a
    result in the end, you will experience more clarity, joy, lightness, connection, and you may get inspired with new ideas, perspectives, and answers.
  • Inform you on the benefits of live foods packed with health giving enzymes. Nothing slows down energy from a nutritional standpoint faster than eating
    foods that are polluted with pesticides, GMOs, and preservatives as they burden down the body by having it deal with these things instead of creating energy for performance.
  • Guide you on how to create fermented foods like kefir, live yogurt, sauerkraut, kim chi, etc., and give you the research and advice on taking the correct high-quality, multi-species probiotic. Healthy intake of fermented foods  to promote wellness of digestive system.
  • Learn to cook nutrient dense, delicious and filling Raw Food Cuisine. Learn techniques and recipes that are filling, delicious and nutrient dense.
  • Treat any intestinal pathogens (such as parasites) that may be present, and responsible for a wide range of problems, such as IBS, fatigue, bloating, weight gain, gas etc. Learn the correct protocol and why this should be an essential step to your detox program.
  • Look at the role of fats in our diet. The fats that we should consume and the ones that we should not.  Discover how much damage is done to oils when they are processed before they are even sent to a store to be purchased by customers, then further damaged when heated in the cooking process. Learn the roles and correct ratio of the Omega Fats.
  • Give you concrete tools to take a proactive role in managing your manage your stress, and your reaction to unavoidable stressful events. Stress, or perceived stress, is often caused by a low energy state. When we feel tired, we get in that moment where we might think, ‘I still have like 80 things to do today’ and we don’t have the energy to do it. Even doing one more thing sounds like having to climb Mount Everest. But if you’ve been exposed to pesticides and taking short cuts on foods to save money, you’re selecting a fool’s gold. You're choosing less and making your road to happiness more difficult AND your performance will suffer.
  • Create a mindful restorative Yoga Practice that boasts your health, mobility and well being. Look at the life rituals and patterns that have already been adopted and ask yourself, am I happy, satisfied with this path I’ve set? If not, listen to your heart and what it is truly trying to tell you. Uniting your thoughts and feelings, to put actions into place creates the pre-cursors to creating your life consciously. Yoga is not just a physical practice, it can bring us so much more.
  • And of course relax in the the beautiful mountains of France, surrounded by the natural beauty that fills us with a desire to connect deeper with our environment.

Gourmet Yogi Retreats Start Spring 2019. Dates and locations announced soon.