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Healing Retreats

Being in Nature is the quickest way to reconnect with your true self. Nature quite simply is the nourishment for the soul. There has been quite a lot of research done over the years on nature and the effects on the human psyche. But we are spending less and less time in Nature.


As an Earth Empath I know from personal experience how drained and depleted I get when I spend too long indoors. Over the years of my life I do notice a huge difference between even days that I don’t get outside, which are rare, and days that I am out in nature. My mood is hugely affected by the artifical environment of offices, big buildings and busy public transport. I am definitely calmer, more energised when I get outside, especially if I have the opportunity to take my shoes off and go barefoot, and really connect with Mother Earth.

We have a natural connection with all living things, and contact helps us flourish and grow.

During the our Healing Nature Retreats we focus on deepening this connection. We walk bare foot, practice yoga outside and find an amazing stop to tap into our intuitive connection with a focus on the natural world.

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