''The best thing that you can do for your family, your children, society, and the world around you is to enhance yourself'' Sadhguru


This quote from Sadhguru is the base of our 300 Hours Healing Yoga Teacher Training in France.  It is the chance to bring yourself into the state of homeostasis.....the balance of your Mind, Body and Spirit, and therefore live a life that is in harmony of the rhythm of Nature.

This is so much more than an asana based yoga teacher training course. This is a training that is totally heart centred, and teaches us to completely honor our amazing and complex bodies, by 'enhancing ourselves'.

We have a natural connection with all living things, and contact helps us flourish and grow.

During the our Healing Yoga Teacher Training in France we focus on deepening our connection to the Universal Energy of Mother Earth. We will spend time walking bare foot, practicing yoga, meditation and pranayama outside, and learning about the healing energy of Nature, as we hike, stop and tap into our intuitive connection with a focus on the natural world.


Forest Bathing Retreats France
La Pause Yoga Healing Nature Retreats
La Pause Yoga Healing Nature Retreats

Healing Yoga Teacher Training in France venues are designed to deepen our connection with Nature