The style, pace presence and awareness! That the only way I can describe it!

Geraldine Boorman

Tandy it is a great person and Great Yoga teacher

Carla Bacelar

Peniche Portugal

A Life Changing Experience

I might not be able to find the right words .. Tandy is an amazing, beautiful, and perfect Yoga teacher. And furthermore, a wonderfull rainbow soul. You just have to meet her, and have the luck to receive her teachings. Sweet thoughts to Jane who was my host during this journey. Every little thing was perfect. MERCI. Namaste Emile

Emilie: New Caladonian

Yoga Teacher Training

''My dream teacher training course "

I really felt that Tandy saw me, and where I am at this moment of my life, regarding my physical, mental, spiritual and emotional practice of yoga, as she encouraged me gently but firmly to pursue my path. It is possible to have very deep spiritual conversations with her, just as much as it is possible to have concrete, fruitful, fact-packed exchanges about anatomy, physiology and teaching techniques. I got proper hands-on teaching experience and also personal guided asana practice. I got to participate in her classes and observe her teaching. I also got a lot of reading material and felt positively challenged in my beliefs. Tandy listens in a focused way, and there is plenty of room for discussions and debates. I was also very happy about the delicious vegetarian food she prepared for me, and enjoyed our more casual chatting over meals and walks as well. Tandy is very good at maintaining a professional teacher/student relationship, whilst at the same time making one feel humanely welcome and at ease

Elin Lindqvist

200hrs Yoga Teacher Training

This course highly exceeded any expectations I ever had for any Yoga Teacher Training course. There was lots of online coursework with constant discussion questions through email and Skype calls directly with Tandy to deepen your learning of each module. The week retreat portion was fantastic, a week in beautiful rural France with delicious home cooked food prepared for you for every meal. A week of full days of discussion and practical work with refreshing walks in the countryside. The absolute best thing about this course is that you have this incredibly knowledgeable and passionate teacher’s full attention to answer and discuss in depth anything you need more information on or feel unprepared for. You will leave this course feeling completely prepared and knowledgeable to teach various level yoga students including pre-natal, post-natal and students suffering from chronic pain due to previous injury. Tandy also provides continued support after the course in business and marketing which is invaluable for students wanting to start up their yoga business. The best teacher training experience I could have ever dreamed of!

Hana Difrawy

200 Hours Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

I have been practicing yoga with Tandy for nearly two years and I recommend her to everyone. She is so knowledgeable and as we practice she informs us all the time about which muscles, organs we are working and how they work. She is SO knowledgeable giving us information all the time. She makes us believe that we can be much more than we thought we could be. More importantly we trust her implicitly.

Susie Nash

Charente France

Tandy, as far as I’m concerned, is the best yoga teacher I have ever had the privilege of practising with. Having moved from France I now miss her so very much.

Susan Dunlop


My mother in law introduced me to Prana Navina yoga run by Tandy a couple of years ago. I'd only done a small amount of yoga before that. Since starting my posture and flexibility has improved immensely. I have learnt techniques to help with breathing & relaxation. Tandy is a fantastic teacher. I find her guidance informative & constructive. (She always seems to know when I've let my core go). She really is an amazing teacher. I would (and do) recommend her to any one looking for a yoga class, whatever level of yoga they have. The classes are very friendly with a very welcome atmosphere. I try to arrange appointments around my yoga as I hate to miss a class. I feel this review hasn't done Tandy any justice, I can't speak highly enough of her.

Sharon Randal

Champagne Mouton, France

Anyone wishing to develop their skills, knowledge and confidence as a yoga teacher in beautiful, inspiring surroundings should consider this one-to-one training with Tandy. I believe that you will feel nurtured, respected, valued and relaxed in this two-week intensive, but thoroughly enjoyable yoga 200 hour TT.

Caroline Petty - Southhampton UK

Yoga Teacher Training

I would highly recommend everyone to take up Yoga, Tandy Pengelly is an excellent mentor and following her classes has changed my life for the better, allowing me to Improve my posture, be calmer, sleep better, become much more flexible, lose weight, gain strength and balance, get rid of aches and pains and much much more, 2 years in and improving all the time I wish I had started at an earlier age but its never too late regardless of your age, abilities

Andrew Hughs

Charente France

Sarah Cole

200 hours yoga teacher training intensive


Breaking the Attention of Pain Book Review


Breaking the Attention of Pain Book Review

I have just completed my 6 month online yoga diploma with Tandy, and I am so pleased with what I have achieved. Tandy is a kind, compassionate and passionate teacher of Yoga and the mind and body. With her inspiration and guidance I have learnt so much about yoga and ultimately about myself. Namaste

Susan Clarke: Devon UK

Online 6 Month Yoga Diploma

I have just spent a week in Catalonia on my first retreat.  We did yoga, meditation, hiking and crafts. Words can't express how much I have learnt about myself and what I have experienced. Laughter, fun, challenges and huge development of my understanding of yoga. The experiences have made me want more!

Ali Shropshire UK

Yoga and hiking retreat

I'm a busy mum of 4, I found yoga courtesy of Tandy a few years ago and haven't looked back. I have achieved increased strength, flexibility and most importantly a sense of self. I now know how to still my mind and go to my happy place when things get hectic.

Nikki Wootton Charente France

Yoga classes and workshops

I had never practiced yoga before but then I met Tandy. Now I'm hooked and absolutely love her classes, they are the highlight of my week. Tandy is friendly, knowledgeable, compassionate, funny and a great teacher.

Sarah Thorne - Charente France

Yoga Classes and Yoga Teacher Training

I have just finished reading your book, it was such a great book, so clearly explained. It has really helped me to understand more about my emotional connection to my injury.

Gail Bolton

Breaking the Attention to Pain, one of the best books I have read for ages. Everybody should read this, even if you don't suffer from chronic pain. It helped me realise that only I am responsible for how I feel. Thanks

Claire Wright

Halifax UK

Tandy has been helping me over the last year to recover from a herniated disk. When I came to her I was in so much pain, and could not get any relief. Tandy helped me understand more about my injury and how pain shows up in the body. I have just come back from a weeks hiking in Scotland, and was completely pain free. Thank  you Tandy...thank you Yoga.

Jane Jackson

Melle, France

I completed my Yoga Teacher Training with Tandy in 2018 and enjoyed every moment of it. I loved her down to earth teaching style and her ability to bring passion into every part of the training. I now have a successful private practice and love every moment. 

Carl Hicks - Lyon France

Yoga Teacher Training

I began yoga for the first time ever about 3 years ago. Tandy is absolutely brilliant! She explains everything that we are doing and how it will effect us without judgement or criticism. Tandy is supportive and makes me feel confident enough to try any pose. It is through her that I have found my love for yoga.

Sue Painter

Charente France


Breaking the Attention of Pain Book Review

What do I recommend about Tandy Pengelly - everything! Tandy is amongst the most caring people I know, who is extremely knowledgeable within her profession, and I think I speak for most when I say we trust her explicitly. If you are lucky enough to know her then I think you’ll agree that Tandy is a ‘must have’ in your life.

Wendy Cart

Charente France

John Riley

Breaking the Attention of Pain Book Review

I have just spent an amazing week in the Spanish Pyrenees with Tandy and new friends. This is my second retreat with Tandy, and as before I have come away feeling refreshed, energised and positive. Not only is Tandy incredibly knowledgeable about the mind, body and soul, she is also an fantastic cook. I would absolutely recommend Tandy's retreats and can't wait for the next one.

Jo-Meltan Maubray UK

Yoga and hiking retreat

'To the best teacher I'll ever have - The one singing and dancing in my heart' Mark Stephens

Emilie Huguon: Nouvelle Caledonien

Yoga Teacher Training

The first time I ever did yoga was with Tandy in the Charente. I’m very grateful for this introduction as I do yoga every week and practice breathing techniques everyday. 
I enjoy your posts. So thank you for the very first experience. Yoga is now completely part of my life

Anne Dodd France

Yoga classes and workshops