Whole Body Awareness Yoga WBAY

My goal and vision is to help people regain their trust in their body’s innate ability to self heal. Our bodies are speaking to us all the time, trying to tell us what they need, in a Whole Body Awareness Yoga (WBAY) we develop the tools to start listening to those needs.

The body actually demands very little from us…a healthy diet, hydration, sleep, movement and mindfulness. In the practice of Whole Body Awareness Yoga (WBAY)  we start to honor those requirements. If we need rest we stop and breathe, if we feel hungry we eat food that nourishes and if we are thirsty we hydrate with pure filtered water. When we feel tension we move, stretch and strengthen. Once you start respecting and honoring your amazing bodies, the results are uplifting. You reduce inflammation, your sleep improves, you have more energy and your thoughts and positivity become clearer.

We value whole body health, including the mental and spiritual, and understand that the layers are interconnected and cannot be separated from our physical health.

All our Yoga Classes, Workshops, Retreats and WBAY Teacher Training keep these principles at the core. When we begin our practice we begin by honoring the body and setting an positive intention. Each movement and transition is designed to work in harmony with the body, breath and fluidity of the body in that moment…..not what we could do yesterday, last month, or even last year. But now in this present moment. We listen to see if we should, or can go deeper into the posture, seeking out our edge of comfort. We listen to the body not the Ego when we back off a posture or take a less challenging position.

Trained in both Yinyasa Flow Yoga and Yin Yoga, I soon realised that my practice must honor both principles, the Yin and the Yang, the masculine and the feminine energies….because we are both. If we practice to much Yang style yoga we never reach the deep connective tissues, deep where we hold chronic tension, pain and trauma. But if we solely practice Yin style yoga then we loose our masculine energy, strength and motivation.  So I developed the Whole Body Awareness Yoga (WBAY) system to respect and work with both our energies and creating a strengthening and releasing practice that leaves you feeling both energised and freer in your physical, mental and emotional bodies, whilst also listening to the needs of your spiritual practice.