Weekly Yoga Classes

The classes are based on either a Vinyasa Flow Yoga, which is a style of Hatha Yoga, or Yin Yoga, which works on releasing deeper tension in the connective tissue. The different classes aim to give you a full body workout to improve flexibility, strength and release blockages in the body. Which ever class you attend, each posture will be guided in relaxed, informative way,  helping you re-connect the mind body and spirit and bring your awareness back into the body.

But we also focus on the alignment of the pose, not to create the ‘perfect’ posture, but to find the perfect posture for you at this moment, at the place you are today…….with any tightness, stiffness and chronic injuries and restrictions. This allows me to work with you from the foundations up, and help you build strength, flexibility and relieve chronic tightness and restrictions.

As a published author of Breaking the Attention to Pain and registered Yoga Elder with the International Independent Yoga Network, which represent the highest level attained in teaching yoga, achieved through extensive training and teaching experience, I bring you a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you on your Yoga and health journey.

Weekly Yoga Classes: and Workshops

Ruffec Classes and Workshops: TIC Estate Agent Conference Room.

10.00 am Wednesday: Gentle Flowing Yoga:

This class is a gentle yoga class that is nourishing for both the mind and body. It is suitable for beginners and people with low flexibility or tightness. But it is also suitable for experienced practitioners who want to take a slower pace in their yoga practice. It is a gentle flow class which aims to slowly strengthen and increase flexibility. We concentrate on building core strength to help protect and heal the body, and also to help the body return to its natural range of movement. There is a large emphasis on the freedom of the breath in the body, as we link each movement with the gentle flowing postures. The class lasts 90 minutes and includes, yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditation. 

Sacred Space Healing Yin Yoga Workshop:

This workshop is held fortnightly and runs for 2 hours. It is designed to be a Sacred Space for women at any level of ability, mobility or experience; and aims to work on a deeper level to relieve deep rooted tension and stress in the connective tissue, in a sacred and supported environment. Helping women with both physical and emotional tension. We work through various supported postures, with either bolsters, blocks or cushions to actively seek out areas that have either received past trauma, tightening or just areas of habitual tension, such as neck, shoulders and lower back. This can also be a deeply relaxing and meditative practice, made more nourishing by blankets, candles, essential oils and soft music.

Thursday Morning: Ruffec. TIC Estate Agent Conference Room

10.00 am: Multi Level Vinyasa Yoga

This class is a multi level class for people with some experience of yoga. We concentrate on building core strength to help protect and heal the body, and enhance flexibility. It is faster paced, therefore enabling us to also work aerobically as well. 

What is Vinyasa Yoga?

Vinyasa yoga is a fast paced aerobic based yoga, that works not just your muscles but also your heart and lungs. We work through sequences of flowing postures, at times holding them for a few rounds of breath. We also incorporate breathing techniques referred to as Pranayama, to enhance our connection to our breath. 

Vinyasa Yoga is described as a 'Moving Meditation', as we work always in harmony with the breath.


The 90 minute class is 9.50 euros

The 2 hour workshops are 12.50 euros

Also classes need to be booked online, and cancelled online. Cancellation must be a minimum of 48 hours in advance to enable other students to book the place. Full price will be charged for no show.