Yogic Living.......Only you are responsible for your health and your impact on the environment.

It may sound direct, but it is true. Every time you sit down to eat, you can make a choice to eat for health, nourishment and compassion, or to compound inflammation and develop chronic disease.  At the same time we either eat with compassionate awareness of contribute to the destruction of the planet.

The following video by actor Woody Harrelson clearly highlights the power of your choice.

Yogic Living means living each day with compassion. This is not always easy, but one way that does make a huge step in this direction is by considering what and how we eat. Compassion for our self and compassion for the environment.

Nutrition is a way of life that allows us to be as mentally, physically and spiritually healthy as possible. If you find yourself feeling irritable, sluggish, tired, lacking energy, bloated, or suffering from chronic pain, the first place to address is your diet, and look at your food choices. Because the wellness of both your body and your brain depend on your gut health. How you eat, what you eat and when, will make a huge impact on how you feel.

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But it is not easy.....I know myself the struggles one face when restricting your diet. I have struggled for years with trying to curb my sweet tooth and my love for good wine. So I chose to educate myself with the actual facts and keeping updated with the latest research, concerning diet, nutrients and the impact of toxins on our health and disease prevention...... to cut through the hype and marketing. I was tired of attention grabbing posts, blogs and emails, aimed at frightening and confusing us, and taking away our confidence. When faced with confusion we just switch off and give away our control for our own health.

So think clearly, and concentrate on the facts. There is growing evidence that a plant based diet is the healthiest option, both physically and spiritually.  Eating in harmony with the Earth creates a life energy within us that is part of our deep connection with Mother Earth, Living a Yogic Life means honoring this aspect if our being.

In our 300 Hours Healing Yoga Teacher Training we dive deep into the subject of optimum health for us and the environment. Living a Yogic Life does not just mean a regular yoga practice, but also making choices from a place of compassion.

Passion is focused on one thing - therefore it burns out at some point. Compassion is all inclusive - it has so much fuel to burn that it does not diet out. Sadhguru

Don't ignore the facts about Organic Food and the impact of pesticides on our Gut Microorganisms

Research the facts about GMO Food and where you find them

Understand the affects of sugar on your body, including how sugar feeds cancer cells

Research shows is that a plant faced diet reverses inflammatory disease in the body

Look at the facts behind the benefits of switching to an enzyme rich Raw Food Diet

Understand about environmental toxins and how to avoid them

Take control of your health journey

Lead by example, on our 300 hours Healing Yoga Teacher Training in France

The research that enables you to take responsibility for your health with confidence that you are doing the correct thing for your body and the environment. With facts you can make the best choices for you and the environment. Lead by example, study the facts on our 300 hours Healing Yoga Teacher Training in France